Handicap Placard

To apply for a temporary handicap placard, please follow the link below for the Temporary Placard Application. Once its filled out and signed by your doctor please return in to Parsippany Police Department Records Section.

Click here for the Temporary Handicap Placard Application

To apply for a Permanent Handicap Placard Application please download the Handicap Placard Checklist and Permanent Handicap Placard Application and submit it through the DMV.

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Good Conduct Letter

The Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Department provides Good Conduct letter to current and former residents upon request. Please click on the below documents which outline the instructions and the request form.

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Open Public Records Act (OPRA)

The New Jersey Public Records Act (N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1, et. seq.) provides that certain government records shall be made available to the public for inspection, examination and copying. Citizens who wish to obtain government records must file a records request with the Custodian of Records. This is accomplished by completing a form available at the Parsippany Police Department. For your convenience, we have made the form available by following the link below.

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With the exception of Concealed Carry Firearms Applicants, all firearms applications can be submitted and processed through the New Jersey State Police Firearm Application and Registration System (FARS).

FARS Application Procedures for Applicants

Step 1: Since Parsippany has multiple zip codes, please confirm that you reside within the township. We cannot process applications from other townships.
Step 2: Follow the link below, which will bring you to the FARS website so you can begin the application process:
Step 3: FARS will request an ORI number for our Police Department which is NJ0142900. If you need to get fingerprinted, please keep a copy of the Fingerprint Service Code Form which has important codes on it needed to schedule your appointment with the vendor. Fingerprint Service Code Form
Step 4: Complete each step of the application and enter all required information. The application can be completed on a computer or smartphone.

When deciding how many permits you would like to get, remember:

  • Permit is required for each handgun you wish to purchase (each permit is $2)
  • You can purchase 1 handgun in a 30-day period
  • Permits are good for up to 180 days
  • If you decide you want another handgun permit and you didn’t get more than one initially, you will need to apply again.
Step 5: Once you submit your application, you will need to submit payment at the Records window at the Police Department for your permits and/or the Firearms ID card. Permits to Purchase handguns are $2 per permit, and $5 for the ID card. We accept checks made payable to the Township of Parsippany or cash. We will not approve an application until payment is made.
Step 6: Please provide proof of employment. Proof may be a recent paystub, or a letter from your employer. If submitting a paystub, you can black out information regarding your salary. This can be submitted via email, fax, mail or in person.
  • You will be receiving automated email updates throughout the process.
  • Please advise your references that the FARS system will send them an email that will contain a link to the reference questionnaire. If they fail complete the questionnaire, your application will be delayed.
  • The on-line application is applicant driven. Please ensure that you have entered the best phone numbers for yourself and references as well as the best email addresses for yourself and references.

Questions: Contact Russ Greuter at 973-263-4320 or email

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House Watch

If you are going on vacation or plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, Parsippany Police Department's House Watch Program can give you peace of mind. Patrol Officers will conduct periodic exterior checks of your home while you are away, monitoring your property for inappropriate activity or emergencies.

Enlisting the police department to keep an eye out for suspicious activity while you are away does not guarantee against loss, theft, damage or criminal mischief, but it can be a useful deterrent to anyone who may be considering accessing your home for criminal purposes. Please note that enrollment does not create a special duty upon the police department to monitor your home. Patrol Officers will conduct visual inspections of your home's exterior as time and manpower permits.

  • House checks are not conducted on homes that are occupied for any length of time during the homeowner's absence.
  • Enrollment is open only to homeowners who will be away for at least three (3) days.
  • The occupant must have established residency at the location.
  • Homes that are vacant or are subject to be shown by a real estate agent are NOT eligible for the program.
  • The residence may NOT remain on House Watch for more than three (3) weeks.

Please fill out the House Watch Request Form and submit it by one of the following means:

  • Email it to
  • Fax it to 973-334-4379
  • Drop it off to our Police Dispatch Desk.

All of your information will be kept strictly confidential, and in the event of criminal activity or damage, we will have the ability to contact you.

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Civilian Employment Application

Civilian Employment Application Top of Page

Homeland Security Nonimmigrant Status

  • If you qualify for the Department of Homeland Security Application for T Nonimmigrant Status Form I-914 and need Supplemental B Declaration of Law Enforcement Officer for Victim of Trafficking in Persons Certification filled out for an incident that took place in Parsippany, please bring supporting documentation to the Parsippany Police Department Records Section and speak to the Supervisor. Requests will be processed within 120 days of submission.
  • If you qualify for the Department of Homeland Security Application for Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status Form I-918 and need Supplemental B Nonimmigrant Status Certification filled out for an incident that took place in Parsippany, please bring supporting documentation to the Parsippany Police Department Records Section and speak to the Supervisor. Requests will be processed within 120 days of submission.
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